Wednesday, 2 June 2010

'God' is Infinite right?

So, people tell me that God is infinite.

All the qualms I may have about religion about following someone else blindly in some pursuit of purpose are still, in my own humble opinion, wholly grounded.

However... I don't discount this theory. That is to say I can see a reason that there would be a need for us, the human race, to have been created.
An infinite being created the human race with a finite life span. He created flowers, tress, land, seas, birds, (bees...) and everything else.
If he is truly omnipotent then why would he need to?

The conclusion I have drawn is that an infinite being surely cannot experience joy, love, beauty and pain the way we do? In their very essence these feelings and experiences can only exist within a protracted period of time... ergo he created finite beings to experience what he could not.

A baby is born in a couple of minutes and yet it is a new life entering the world! A release of nine months of hard work. Though for an infinite being this point in time is no different from infinite others.

One example of many I could name... I will just leave them for your indulgence.

I think this can be expressed in an equation but then I am no

Yours in complex arrangements of beauty over t1 minus t2..


Ps. Quite sexist there, I apologize: I shouldnt talk of God as a man and yes, yes, I know labour goes on for hours into days, I'm just trying to make a point..

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