Saturday, 13 February 2010

Creativity Bottle Neck

It comes all at once. You feel the spark inside and you just want to create. Then what happens? You sit at your writing pad, your blog entry, your easel, your piano and are stumped.

Everything is there, teetering on the precipice but just failing to come out. At the brink of almost finally letting the idea explosively escape, a tiny snippet slowly trickles into existence.

In writing, the words stumble and jitter onto the page. The order confused and the meaning unclear. The mess tangled and illegible; even you are unsure what you mean. You can feel yet more ideas stacking up behind the first that will not release.
Moving swiftly to the point of insanity, as the ideas fight each other to be the first out. The stream of ideas buffeted, twisted and turbulent heads from the back of your mind through the minuscule neck of the bottle. After an age of trying the glass contains a drip of an idea and the wisp of flair slowly vanishes.

Yours in hope of creative release,


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