Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Perfection; a fluid man-made concept

Perfection is often the goal of everyone's lives, to obtain what they believe to be perfection. How many of these people are actually happy? Surely they will feel like they are always be settling for 'mediocre' instead of perfect. I feel like this pursuit of perfection will only plant seeds of doubt in their minds about everything.
Once a persons perception of perfection has been achieved it will soon start to slip away. They will move the bar higher and need more to think of their situation as perfect.

Most people when asked, "Are you happy in your job?" will respond negatively (searching for a statistic...) because they have set themselves a perfect job in their head which is unobtainable and subjective.
A man with no money and no job imagines having any job being perfection, nevertheless when he gets a job his idea of perfection changes to having a job with a higher salary, or one with a smaller work load, or one with more time outside, or one with less manual labour...

I guess what I am trying to say is that perfection is a dangerous goal and the fact that it doesn't exist naturally makes it even more so.

In summary the idea of perfection can be dangerous if it is an end goal. Perfection should be in things like making mistakes and learning from them. Not an environment where no one makes mistakes, there is now bad, you can never do wrong, everyone is happy.

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  1. Upon reflection and more contemplation I have realised that I talk about happiness at work. This is a very large subject on which I had to complete a report on. Very interesting. My theory still stands though, that the people don’t settle on what they have enough to work with the imperfections and learn more about themselves on the way. They look for the easy way out.


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